Company Registration

Registration of SPLTD/LTD

The legal form SPLTD / LTD is convenient both for small and medium business, and for the development of large-scale activity.
LTD registration can be made by two or more persons. The partners are responsible for company debts with their shares in the company.
Registration of SPLTD can be made only by one person. The sole shareholder  is responsible for the company's debts to the amount of company's subscribed capital.
Since LTD/SPLTD is a capital company, it is responsible with its property, not with partners' personal property for (LTD) or the sole capital shareholder (for SPLTD)
LTD/SPLTD can be erased according to special liquidation procedure.

Changes of circumstances

Such changes may be caused by the need of change,  entry or erasing of the general manager, inclusion or exclusion of partners, change of address, change the name of the company, increase or decrease of the capital, declaring liquidation and erasing, etc.

In all of these cases it is necessary a registration in the Commersial Register  for each change. In case you need any of our services, you should contact us to prepare the necessary documents for the change to give them to you for signature and notarization (if required) and to bring on your behalf in the Registry Agency

Company erasing

Erasing SP

To erase SP because of activity termination is necessary to apply to the Commercial Register accompanied by  documents required under the law.
SP erases in the Commercial Register in the following cases:

  • Upon activity termination or its establishment abroad
  • Upon a death
  • Upon its enactment under guardianship

Termination of SPLTD / LTD

To terminate SPLTD / LTD is necessary to apply to the Commercial Register, accompanied by  documents required under the law.
SPLTD / LTD cansels in the following cases:

  • A decision of the District Court;
  • In bankruptcy;
  • By merger and acquisition in shareholding or other limited liability company;
  • A desicion of the shareholders taken by majority  3/4 of the capita,l if in the companys' contract is not provided bigger majority majority;
  • Expiration of the term, specified in the company's contract;
  • Upon termination of the Company in any of the above cases starts a liquidation procedure. Liquidator is the company's General manager unless in  the company's contract or in resolution of the General Meeting is mentioned another person.